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At Anthony's, we hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to vehicle installations. Other shops may charge cheaper rates for installations, and they do that by cutting corners, not using the correct parts, and using new installers with very little to no experience.

Many shops also play games using "Free Installation" or "$1 Install" to get people in the door, only to charge double for the parts required to make up for the installation charge. Many other shops also play games by giving out low quotes on installation only to jack up the price after your car is in the garage. We do not play games like that because we believe in honesty. We give accurate quotes for the job, take our time on each installation, use the correct parts and equipment, and have years of professional installation experience.

Many newer vehicles have complex data systems that require special modules/interfaces to integrate into when replacing radios or doing alarm systems.  Many shops simply do not use modules/interfaces, resulting in thousands of dollars spent at the dealer for repairs. All of our work is guaranteed to outlast your vehicle, and we stand behind our work 100%. However, we will void our warranty if others tamper with any part of our installations.

We offer fair and competitive rates, and give free estimates everyday. We also have discounted installation rates for installing all products purchased directly from us. If you have your own equipment and would like us to install it, it must be name brand and new in box. What is the advantage of buying equipment from our store and having us install it? It is the peace of mind knowing that if anything happens within the warranty period, as long as you have a receipt, it is free of charge. 

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